Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Marshmallow Igloo Craft

Marshmallow igloos are a winter craft children can make at home or at school. Children will have a blow building these little igloos from mini marshmallows. As a few may learn their way into small bellies in the procedure of making the domes. Set the igloos on top of a table as a different winter centerpiece or holiday decoration.

  • Cut the top part off of a foam cup so all that is gave is 4 to 5 inches at the bottom.

  • Turn the remaining bottom part of the cup upside down and cut a gentle arched part out of one side. The solid bottom of the cup will serve as the igloo's roof and the cut-out section as the igloo's door.

  • Use craft glue to the bottom of your igloo around the lip of the cup and push it down into the center of your plane of white craft foam, with the roof of the igloo pointing up.

  • Paint a broken layer of white craft glue all over the cup and gently press mini marshmallows into the glue. Cover the full coat of the cup and try not to leave any cracks in between marshmallows.

  • Cut the craft foam into a smaller circle around the igloo to make a round program.
  • Use a paintbrush to have very thin trails of craft glue around the craft foam that the igloo is sitting on, and sprinkle on your option of glitter or artificial snow.

Things You'll Need

• Glitter or artificial snow
• Piece of white craft foam
• Scissors
• Craft glue
• Paintbrush
• Mini marshmallows
• White foam cup

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