Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Marshmallow Easter Bunnies

Marshmallow Easter bunnies are a catch to make and will give your little ones hopping for more. Fortunately for them, you can make enough bunnies to meet a rabbit hutch in less than an hour.

  • Make a diagonal cut on a one side of the marshmallow. Gently lift the flap of marshmallow. Make a cut down the center of the flap to form the ears.

  • Separate the marshmallow ears using your fingers. Fudge the ears until they are pointing outwards on both sides of the bunny.

  • Make a cut in the spine of the bunny where the first cut was gave. Cut to the center of the marshmallow.

  • Apart the cut section. Figure the cut part into a bunny tail with your fingers.

  • Place the center of the marshmallow on the front of the bunny. Make a 1/4-inch cut horizontally.

  • Make a diagonal cut on the bottom of the marshmallow. Cut down the center of the flap. Make 2 front feet with the pieces.

  • Dip the end of a toothpick in pink food coloring. Draw the eyes and nose. Dip another toothpick in black food coloring. Draw the whiskers on the bunny.

Things You'll Need

•Large marshmallows
•Kitchen shears
•2 toothpicks
•Pink food coloring
•Black food coloring

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